Pastor Marilyn Fenderson

An anointed and appointed Pastor, Published Author, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Prayer Intercessor, Praise Exhorter and Kingdom Builder. Pastor Marilyn Fenderson is licensed and ordained and along with her husband Pastor Francis Fenderson is the Founder of One Flesh Worldwide Ministries. She is also the Founder of Marilyn Fenderson Ministries.

God has truly anointed her for a great work and she is dedicated to spreading his word through preaching, evangelizing, teaching, counseling, books, social media, the internet and various other forms of media. Through various television segment guest appearances and a radio broadcasting show that ran on air for two years, she has reached souls throughout Chicagoland and Indiana, where the uncompromising Word of God was preached with clarity and spiritual understanding. She has been inspired to strengthen and restore marriages through writings and the revelation knowledge of God demonstated in this marriage blog site.

Pastor Marilyn has authored two books with a global reach. "Tapped For God's Blessing" which is a guide to uncovering your God given assignment through the gifts that are deep inside of you and understanding that it’s all made possible through God’s blessing. "Spilling The Tea: A Daily Cup of Wisdom" is a daily devotional of 31 spiritual affirmations of wisdom that have been downloaded into her spirit through divine revelation from God.

She also conducts a weekly Prayer Conference called ”Prayer Changes Things” where people dial in from all over the country to experience a move of God that is manifested through prayer and intercession.

She is a woman of honesty, integrity and faith and lives what she preaches. As a praise exhorter, her enthusiasm for God causes spirits to tremble and saints to celebrate with gladness. The gift of God's anointing doesn't stop with her. The Lord has blessed her with an awesome Man of God, Pastor Francis Fenderson and four children. Two of the children are active in the ministry of arts and entertainment, praise, worship, music, prayer and teaching.

Pastor Marilyn Fenderson was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at an early age and knew immediately that God had called her to do a mighty work. She and her husband are called to minister to married couples by relating God's word for the purpose of renewing and restoring broken relationships. Teaching gratitude, appreciation, humility, and love for one another, and the spiritual awareness of the sacred covenant that is commissioned and ordained by God. Their ministry also includes ministering to the broken hearted, the sick, the down trodden, the sinner, and the backslider.

Kind regards

Pastor Marilyn Fenderson