Another year...another blessed birthday 2014

I am so blessed that God has granted me another birthday this year. When I look back over my life the deck was stacked against me, but the Lord cut the deck and dealt me a hand of grace and mercy. Through his grace and mercy I have been able to live my life for him, so I'm grateful to be able to celebrate it with my family, my church family and friends.

I enjoyed a trip to the movies, dinner, bowling and a specail dinner prepared by my mother on the following day. It was really blessed and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm thankful for all of the gifts, roses, birthday wishes and cards

Celebrating my birthday 2013

To God be the Glory...I thank God for another year of life. I've endured many tribulations in my life, surving breast cancer was one of them. I thank God for being on the battlefield with me because he was the one who brought me through it along with the support of my loving family and friends. The Lord has truly blessed me to be a blessing in this area for women who are fighting the same battle. I can truly say that I now know the Lord to be Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals.

I spent my birthday at the luxurious Sundara Inn and Spa in Wisconsin Dells with my family. It was absolutely fabulous, I was able to relax and be one with God as my soul was energized through whirlpool baths, sauna, a hot stone massage and apple cinnamon hot oil treatment.  I feel rejuvenated, brand new and ready to continue the assignment that God has ordained for me. 

When I returned home my husband and son had a lovely dinner waiting with cake, ice cream, gifts, flowers and cards. I am so blessed to have family, church family and friends who genuinely care. 

Another blessed year together, 21 years and counting.....

My husband and I celebrated another year of marriage. Twenty One years WOW!!! I can say that God has blessed me with my soulmate because he genuinely cares about my soul. He has my best interest at heart and I know that he deeply loves and cares about me.

Sometimes it's scary how much we operate in the same mind and spirit. I can be thinking about something and all of a sudden he will start talking about the thing that is on my mind. I often wonder if he can read my mind. I know that it is our deep connection with God that binds us as one flesh, one mind, one spirt.

God has been so God to us, his favor is always upon us becasue we have learned to put him first and he always provides everything that we need. The blessings that are on our lives have been trickled down to our children therefore they are blessed.

If you want a marriage that will defy time and sustain for years always keep God at the pinnacle of your union. Your love for him will always overshadow any circumstance or obstacle that tries to break your bond.


Enjoyed our 20th year Anniversary in Miami, Florida and Port Lucaya Beach, Bahamas

To My Husband of Twenty Years

My Husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this year and I would be lying if I said they were all blissful. To God be the glory because when I look back over our lives, there were a few rough patches but God smoothed them out. There were a few stormy days but God calmed the winds and rain. There were some turbulent times but God turned clouds into sunshine. Through it all, it is our undying love and respect for each other along with our faith in God that helped us through.

So, I say to my awesome Man of God, I thank God for you and I love you so much. Thanks for always being there for me, in sickness and in health, through good and bad. Your unwavering faith in God is what I admire most about you because when I would doubt, you would always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are my confidant, my partner in the Gospel, and my partner for life. I will cherish every moment that I have with you for the rest of my days. I look forward to growing old with you and rocking in our chairs on the back porch with a tall glass of sweet tea. Yes, I went there!!

So Happy 20th Anniversary my love, may God continue to bless you abundantly.